Nights with Neighbors

While our community is excited at the potential of having an active, engaged, and responsive representative, I know not everyone is ready to have a conversation with me at the exact moment I call them on the phone or knock on their door. 

That’s why we ask people to host Nights with Neighbors.

Nights with Neighbors will be focused on the issues that you and your neighbors are passionate about and how they want to see the politics change at the State Capitol. We will have conversations about our shared values, the issues that matter most, and work on solutions together. 

It's really simple:

  1. Find a few dates and times that work for your schedule

  2. Sign up to host a Night with Neighbors

  3. Invite a few of your neighbors into your home for a discussion with me

Once we have set a date, our team will help you out with all the details! We will send along a host guide so you know what to expect, helpful organizing tips I’ve learned, and a list of what I’ll bring with me.

*Note: Nights with Neighbors won’t be open to the public, only those you invite to your home.

I believe it's time for someone who truly represents our community at the State Legislature. I look forward to listening to you and your neighbors, and sharing our vision for the district.

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