Our Environment


Minnesota has a tradition of environmental stewardship. We are proud of being “The Land of Sky Blue Waters”. The 2017 legislature voted to dismantle and defund well established programs that provide common sense policy to protect Minnesota’s natural resources. For example, Kathy Lohmer voted to weaken water quality standards, undo buffer rules designed to protect waters from runoff and to allow corporations to prepare their own environmental impact statements without transparency. 

Shelly is a director on and endorsed by the DFL Environmental Caucus. As your state representative she will promote policy that will protect our natural resources and influence investment in renewable resources. Shelly believes clean air, water and land is a right for all people.  She trusts evidence-based science and she supports a carbon tax/dividend initiative. Shelly also believes the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Citizen Board should be restored. Shelly and her family appreciate the unique beauty of Minnesota and vow to preserve and improve its natural beauty for the future.