Health and Human Services


Kathy Lohmer and the Republicans voted to roll back $600 million from Health and Human Services. These cuts will hurt Minnesota families. A large omnibus bill awarded $542 million dollars to insurance companies without demanding accountability in regard to improved benefit access and premium relief. The bill denies raises to home healthcare workers who service seniors and the disabled.  It does not adequately support affordable childcare.  It under estimates the crucial need to address the problem of opioid abuse and addiction. Instead, a portion of the $1.65 million surplus will go to corporations, the tobacco industry and the well-connected.  

Shelly believes that all people have a right to secure and affordable healthcare. She advocates for inpatient and outpatient mental health programs for all. She is resolute in her commitment to ensure home health aides are adequately compensated for their essential work in our changing demographic as it relates to increased need for home health care. She supports education and funding to combat the devastating opioid abuse issues in Minnesota.