A state of the art transit system is an asset to the business community. It is vital to economic growth and the environmental health and vitality of Minnesotans. It is a means of mobility for seniors, the disabled and every day commuters. The 2017 legislature chose to block our state’s future transit system expansions-both bus and rail. They notified the U.S. Secretary of Transportation asking that an $887 million grant for the Southwest Light Rail Line be denied. We had previously invested $159 million dollars in construction that was scheduled to begin soon. They voted to raise current fares by 22 to 40%. Minnesota is behind in modern transit systems and infrastructure. I will champion bringing Minnesota transit systems and infrastructure into the 21st century. I suggest that ignoring the value of modern transit is detrimental to the future of Minnesota. I will propose policy that allows investment in transit options statewide. In our district, I will work with Washington County to advance plans for a rapid transit bus service to serve Washington County.